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Free Beef

Happy Customer Appreciation Fridays! We like to say "Thanks" to our customers with a special treat every week, rather than just once a year! Come see us on Fridays from 5-7 pm for a free beef dip with au jus! With the purchase of your first alcoholic drink or non-refillable non-alcoholic drink, you will receive a ticket for a free beef dip & au jus. "Free Beef" is on a first come - first serve basis. You may purchase another beef dip after your first one for $2.50. "Free Beef" does not come with any side dishes. Just au jus and your choice of horseradish, mayo or deli mayo. No reservations. No take-out. ONE free beef dip per person.

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NFL Football Pool

We've teamed up with SunFM and EZ-Rock Osoyoos to bring you "The Great Pigskin Pick-Em Pool!' Follow this link to join and have a chance at winning some great prizes! OH, don't forget.....It's FREE to play....yes, FREE! http://fssgames.com/pickem/bccjmg2015nflpickem/login.php

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